A Three-Part History of Bayview-Hunters Point

Bayview-Hunters Point

Recently, I completed a history of Bayview-Hunters Point, historically San Francisco’s forgotten ghetto.  The area’s history mirrors that of Richmond, West Oakland, Marin City, and other wartime industrial boomtowns, and sheds light on the Bay Area’s history of discrimination toward Blacks.  Over the next few days, I will post a three part series which examines the complex history of the area.

Part 1: The Making of San Francisco’s Ghetto

Part 2: Crime, Contamination, and Crisis

Part 3: Redevelopment or Renewal?


One response to “A Three-Part History of Bayview-Hunters Point

  1. Sharon Mazzei

    I am very surprised to see that one of the oldest business’s in the Hunter’s Point area is Mazzei Hardware & it’s not even mentioned. The hardware store has been in business since 1936 for a total of 78 years.

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